United States of America… The country that has exhibited its power just with its name since 1783, the date that they gained their independence from British Empire. They firstly abandoned Europe to its faith, tried to gain infinite power in order to be able to deal with any force that would stay against to them. In 20th century, realization of its involvement in each and every issue on the other face of the Earth halted the silence. Subsequently, having just a single opposition called Russians, they got bigger and they dominated world politics for years. They have always been a great threat for any country in case they initiate to be. Despite well-known “secret” plans, Presidency of United States has not seemed like a home for dictators that are not aware of would-be results of their big power. In 2010s Donald Trump came up and he changed everything. Are you ready for this new model president’s hardest exam?Considering Trump’s characteristics and its eagerness to act as an active party of all related or unrelated issues by the mean of not only politically but also militarily, there are several questions come to mind: Is it going to be just a single-player game? Who can deal with him? But the answer is always simple: outstanding leader of DPRK, Kim Jong Un. He is well-known with his toys, namely, unreliable nukes which are considered as one of the most powerful weapons in world’s history. He is the sole showman that would deal with craziness of Trump who stated that he had fallen in love with Kim previously. Nevertheless, every love will end one day. But when? You are going to experience love pain deeply in this futuristic format honorable delegates. However, this love will harm not only DPRK and USA harshly, but also innocent characters of this story. Unfortunately, innocence has always been the biggest crime in World’s history. In order to experience this unique atmosphere, we do eagerly welcome you to Futuristic Joint Crisis Cabinets: DPRK vs USA of HASALMUN in January.
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