The Romans, regulated an institution functioned as an advisory assembly called the Roman Senate also known as ‘assembly of old men’. The Senate was the ruling body of Rome and was one of the most substantial political institutions throughout history. Senators’ having the authority to determine whether declare a war or nagotiate makes the Senate momentous.Although the Senate was able to only make ‘decrees’ and not laws,its decrees were mostly submitted. The Senate itself was a highly strong body of the Roman government. However, there were many threats to the Senate and the Pisonian conspiracy was one of the threats which caused the downfall of Nero.

The senators are going to experience a major turning point in the reign of the Roman emperor , Nero. Though Piso’s conspiracy failed at the time, the senators will have the ability to possibly change the course of actions. Also, the senators are expected to draw attention to the terms ‘democracy’ and ‘state government’.Will Nero Era come to an end?
Agenda Item: Pisonian Conspiracy

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