Ottomans had branded the world’s history since its establishment as a principality throughout the process that allowed it to obtain the necessary power in order to be defined as “Ottoman Empire”, ruling diverse parts of three continents at the same time. From its rise to stagnation and reform period, Empire had always been the biggest nightmare for its neighboring countries or principalities because of its success on war fields as well as on diplomatic discussions that were directed by intelligent leaders. Nevertheless, this story was, unfortunately, halted by several internal and external incidents which directly affected the multi-national structure of the Empire as well as inducing extensive administrative problems in the Ottoman Dynasty. The fall of any Empire would, of course, wring others’ hands especially when aforementioned country has diverse sources alongside being located in a geopolitically significant place. Thus, all countries with motivation of having the control of extended territories started their initiatives to make their dreams real. By this time, Young Turks had returned home and tried to be more than powerful by pressuring the Sultan of the Ottomans. This pressure never ended throughout several years and finally Committee of Union and Progress maintained the authority on the government despite the symbolic presence of the Sultan. Within this environment, the Ottomans were suffering from huge effects of Balkan Wars on its western borders under the rule of German sympathisers practically. The War Cabinet of Ottoman Empire will start to simulate from when the formation of blocks are still proceeding because of the strained atmosphere of world politics. In this war cabinet, the delegates should bear in mind that they will experience a really alternative history that would be composed of huge differences in comparison to real history. The committee will be shaped in accordance to the quality of directives that the committee may produce alongside the scenario designed by the Academic Team. We are looking forward to meeting you, your excellency!

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